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Jeff and Robys barn wedding, 10/4/14

Jeff and Roby are a couple of awesome people who love each other with such ease. Robys bridesmaids prior to the wedding were all wearing “team Roby” jerseys. The weather thwarted their outdoor wedding, but it put us all into…

Emilys Bat Mitzvah

The Jewish tradition of Bat Mitzvah is when a young woman becomes responsible for herself as an adult and to uphold the Ten Commandments. Emily was surrounded by so much family and friends for her entrance into Adulthood. This beautiful…

Carli turned two!

Carli turned two last week. Her Parents threw her a Princess party. All the little girls dressed up in thier favorite princess dress, did make-up (even on me!) got photos taken in thier dresses, and ate this beautiful cake make…

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